What was the first record you ever owned?
When I was seven, someone gave me a cheap record player and a bunch of singles. So I would say it was The Beatle's "I Feel Fine/She's a Woman", which was very lucky. Then I inherited a Beach Boys compilation. "I Get Around" was my favorite song and I drove my mother crazy with it. That was it for a while. I mostly listen to WABC's top 40 from New York City.
  In kindergarden, my oldest brother gave me Zeppelin 2, which I played at 45 rpm all that week. I was kind of disappointed when he slowed it down to 33 rpm. It sounded amazing that fast, like Melt Banana.

Remember that cover? The crew of the zeppelin? I thought that was the band! Since I liked that he gave me Hendrix's "Are You Experienced". So I guess I started with 70's guitar trios. That was rock. My brother Bob was going to the New England Conservatory of Music and all he had was jazz albums. I would sneak into his room, pick out some albums with cool covers, and was disappionted there was no singing. One day I found "Absolutley Free" by The Mother's of Invention and it really gave me a scare. On one hand, I thought it was the worst thing I ever heard compared to what was on top 40 radio. On the other hand, even though it was creepy, it was totally crazy and funny in a surreal kind of way. I learned early on that there were all kinds of bands out there.
That explains alot actually. What would a little kid make of that?
The Magic Beans seems to be a band with a manifesto.
I wouldn't say that.We're mysterious. We show up, play, and disappear.  It just happens like that, it's not by choice. Basically, I'm a drummer who likes to make demos and come up with interesting music. So as a drummer, I suffer from the classic drummer dilemma. I got tired of being a beat keeper for hire. I didn't want to tear down my drums, pack them in my car, unpack them at the gig, make sure they don't get ripped off, throw them in the trunk again, and lug them home. Just to keep the beat for someone else's nonspectacular songs. So I was interested in being a contributing band member.

I played in a band called
Robot Monkey, which featured sax and hyperactive bass playing. It had alot of promise but the singer/songwriter I got to join ended up kicking me out and ultimately destroying the group. The creative ensemble degraded into his backing band which,in the end, sounded like Jackson Browne backed by Primus. Which didn't sound very good. At the other extreme, I happily played in No Es Guapo and felt I was involved in the music. We opened for The Mommyheads, Orchestraville, Pretty Mighty Mighty, and whoever would have us. Things were going great, then it just dissolved without a trace or a recording.

So either by mutiny or apathy, my time was being wasted. Instead of a touring band, I thought of The Magic Beans as a project. Different people would drop by my loft and we'd come up with stuff. I recorded it. Eventually whoever was there would learn it and spend alot of time crafting a hip arrangement. We would then play gigs until too many people bailed. We would start off with 9 people and end up a trio.
Sometimes it would be a punk bass player,a singing go go dancer,an avante guarde jazz guitarist forced to play through effects pedals, and a bass player who doesn't speak english. Sometimes my mailman plays bass. This kind of thing works best when the gig is more like a party.

"The Magic Beans is grounded in the dance music of the sixties.
The moment that soul music was played through through big amps. When the blues was reinterpretted by art school dropouts. When garage punk and trippy psychedelia clashed.

Whenever our musical experimentation
was getting too far off, we wanted rhythm & blues to anchor us. Sometimes at practice we haven't a clue where to start so we just drink coffee and listen to records. We'd put on a Otis Redding live record and marvel at the exicitement and drive. Then someone would pop on Tom Waits and we'd disect the arrangements. We'd finish off with Brainiac and try to imagine where they would of went next.  Then finally, we'd plug in and attack an old song a different way with alot of new ideas."

Do you have any regrets?
I have countless regrets.
Do you ever think you'll settle down with the same line up?
That would be nice but I don't think it's in the cards. I might even record the next cd with three different line ups.  Whenever I save up the cash.
the lost years
Name one.
After high school I wished I learned how to surf.  I then I would have surfed everyday for a few years and figure out what to do next.  Keep in mind that's just one of many.