The Magic Beans are a hybrid garage band.
Earthling Death Carnival
I'm So Bored I Want To Believe In
  Vampires and Aliens
  Formed on Halloween night in New Orleans, drummer James Hanlon recruited the oddest musicians he could find to play loud r&b at a party.  The mixture of punky psychedelia and deconstructed soul music became the basis of their debut epic cd Earthling Death Carnival.
After moving the band to New York City, the beans all got jobs at the seaport on tugboats.  After the first year, bandmembers started quitting and were replaced weekly.
  Although there wasn't much improvisation or jamming, each new player had a new take on the material.

  The New York recordings were released on the cd,
I'm So Bored I Want To Believe In Vampires And Aliens.
After going through 214 musicians ( mostly bass players), what was left of the band relocated to the cheap rents of Columbus and Cleveland Ohio.

   They are currently regrouping.
1999  version